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Punjabi Women – Poets describe her complexion in superlative terms. Her romanticized image is brilliantly captured in the folklore of Punjab like Heer Ranjha, Mirza Sahiban, Sohni Mahiwal, etc.  She is known for her beauty and boldness.

She is extra ordinary and her qualities make her outstanding. Isn’t it worth knowing what makes her so magnificent?

Pretty Woman

Punjabi women are known for their extraordinary beauty, grace and seductive charm. They are not only gorgeous but have a pleasing personality. Bold, confident and very proud of their beauty, they usually give other girls a tough competition when it comes to physical appearance.



Knows What She Wants and How to Get It

She is always cheerful and happy go lucky. Punjabi kuddi’s are confident and know what they want and how to get it!


Because she is Intelligent and has curves in all the right places

She is graceful, spontaneous and at times even mesmerizing


Because she knows how to party and have fun

When you marry a Punjabi girl you can be sure your wedding is going to be the grand affair of at least 7 days with relatives coming from far off places, beautiful friends of bride, non-stop singing, dancing, eating and drinking.  Two must songs in each Punjabi wedding are Mehfil taan sajdi jab nache kudi di…, Kala doriya kunde naal. Have you seen a rifle in  real life? Well, you will see bullets being fired in air on the wedding day. So watch out!

She is modern yet traditional 



She is a great host and enjoys good food

She follows the great punjabi tradition of khatirdari and good food -Rajma, kadhi, saag, chhole, white butter and parathas. If you marry her, your morning will start with stuffed parathas. She knows that warmth and good food wins everyone over and  the way to a man’s heart is definitely through his stomach. 

Hospitality Is in her Genes

Punjabi hospitality is famous as is their liveliness. Her charm, grace and beautiful smile makes her loved by one and all.

She is independent and takes charge

She is a fighter and does not take things lying down.

She is an Instinctive Dancer

She can dance hip hop and gidda equally well. You’re guaranteed a good time every time you take her out. She was born with an innate sense of rhythm. Be careful she can make you dance to her tunes effortlessly.


Because she is a class apart – well mannered and gentile

Because she respects religion and tradition






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