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  • Age 23, men thinking about you and you alone
  • What do you have to offer?
  • "I'm always ready to please my men who are willing to go the extra mile with me. I like having adventurous sex, and I always keep an open mind. I'll fuck you all night if you are up for it, all you have to do is give me a few orgasms "
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  • Age 33, gay men craving to be with you
  • I'll feel so good in you
  • "Hello gentlemen. I'm here not for a long time but for a good time. I'm a versatile top who mainly tops but on occasion craves to bottom. I'm just looking to meet some other horny gentlemen for causal fun."
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  • Age 36, men thinking about you and you alone
  • Can you handle all I have to offer?
  • "I like to think of myself as a naughty librarian. I love taking pictures of my body and enjoy doing naughty things in restrooms. What can I say? I am just having fun, I never want to grow up!"
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  • Age 28, men thinking about you and you alone
  • Can you give it to me?
  • "What does it take to get a little male attention around here? It's like I'm a total ghost. What, I'm not tall enough for you? How are you going to know what I'm capable if doing of you don't try me out?"
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  • Age 54, single man
  • where exactly do put this
  • "mr man with strongsex drive- likes to see ladies in all that pretty lace stuff- just makes me so horny- what is it with high heels- make those muscles so tight. I got smooth body fairly trim - never smoked - no drugs - hardly drink - so my body is clean inside!"
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  • Age 26, men thinking about you and you alone
  • It's hard to believe, I know.
  • "I'm a looker, so there is no way I should be single and lonely right? I know that's what you are going to say guys. It's not easy meeting men who are capable of setting my world on fire, so I decided to take a break and explore different options."
Incredible sex in Perth will have you moaning
  • Age 26, men thinking about you and you alone
  • Guess what Lily wants you to eat?
  • "Lily Smalls is a character in my favourite play. She's always up to no good and there's something in there about eating 'pussycat' though I'm certain it's not about sex. In my play, however, it better be about sex."
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  • Age 26, local women craving your touch
  • would you like a big cock?
  • "Hey i'm just someone who loves to have a good time. At the moment i work away so i can set myself up for the future. I know what i want and i have a plan to get it. I enjoy all the things most blokes do, sport, beer, mates, poker ... for the simple reason i don't want people i know knowing i'm on here. (no it's not cus i'm really old or ugly lol)"
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  • Age 48, local women craving your touch
  • Yes it is true... Older men are better lovers
  • "I am an easy going guy, who can actually put two sentences together and hold a conversation. I am recently single and looking to meet and have some fun. I'll be honest I have not had sex in a while and hopefully looking to make up some lost time. There is nothing more sensual or erotic that making love to a beautiful woman."
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  • Age 27, men thinking about you and you alone
  • Be the guy I am looking for.
  • " I am the nicest person you will ever met. I love to socialize, I'm outgoing, I love to laugh and I love being around my friends and family. I don't have to say anymore, you'll see."
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  • Age 40, local women craving your touch
  • Just what you're looking for!
  • "Recently separated from my partner. Not sure what the future holds. Financial, independent and wanting to have some fun. Experiment with me and if we click.....lets see where things go."
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  • Age 29, men thinking about you and you alone
  • Loosen up and join the party!
  • "I am just a big goofball in the body of a beautiful sexy woman. Lol! With me, you'll never know what to expect, but it'll always be something crazy and fun. Think you can handle me and all my eccentricities?"
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  • Age 51, local women craving your touch
  • What the hell am I doing here ???
  • "Who i am You will get to know reasonably quickly, Well thats if you are interested. but to help things along Im self employed, ( except for military When i used to be in the Army ) anyhow i wouldn't say i had a gym athlectic body ... even if things don't eventuate, being able to have a decent conversation with someone you don't know can be rewarding in itself. Regards Gary"
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  • Age 31, local women craving your touch
  • Single guy looking to have sexy casual fun with fun loving outgoing chicks.
  • "I am into sex: 69, Doggy style, Girl On Top, Elevator, Reverse CG, Standing and I luv the thrill if there's a chance we may get caught. "
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  • Age 27, men thinking about you and you alone
  • If you can make me laugh, I'll make you very happy!
  • "I know its the worst cliche but it's true... I am seriously turned on by guys who can make me laugh. And I can be persuaded to be quite affectionate when a guy can really get me going... I'm talking about that my-sides-hurt and I-can-barely-breathe kind of laughter. Ha ha! If you can make me pee my pants, I'm your slave for life!"
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  • Age 30, men thinking about you and you alone
  • It never hurts to have an inside scoop.
  • "I consider myself to be something similar to a corporate dwarf, not yet a giant. lol Maybe it's because of my dedication and fierce attitude towards my job, or just being flat out aggressive. Either way, I'm here and there's no turning back."
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  • Age 37, local women craving your touch
  • here for some fun and see what happens
  • "My favorite position(s) is/are: 69, Blow Job, Cunnilingus, Doggy Style, Girl on Top, Standing, Reverse Cowgirl. I have sex once a week. I have had a one-night stand and I loved it! Let's do it now. Some places I like to have sex are: in a hot tub, in a bedroom,"
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  • Age 26, men thinking about you and you alone
  • Ready or not, here I come.
  • "The time for playing games is long gone, so come here baby, let this provocative sex kitten show you how it's done. Just relax and let me take you in my bed and blow your mind with the sensual ways I will work my hips. Feel the warmth of my mouth as I drive you crazy."
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  • Age 23, men thinking about you and you alone
  • Why do that when I have you to take care of my needs?
  • "I'm not one to pleasure myself when there are men out there who know just how to satisfy me. What's the point of not getting the pleasure I deserve from toys, when a lover would be willing to give me twice the pleasure, without all the self service. All I would have to do is relax and enjoy the experience."
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