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  • Amy 64 minutes ago

    name of a movie from sometime in the 70s-90s where a guy on a motorcycle comes and wants a girl to come with him but she decides not to go in the end? Thanks a lot :)

  • Trinity 2 hours ago


    thank you so much that's it

  • John 2 hours ago

    Old movie... high school kids... All I can remember is one of the boys was a delivery boy messing around with a older married woman... Later on he brought his friends over to her house and the husband came home

  • John 2 hours ago

    Different movie

  • paul 2 hours ago

    what is the nameof a 1960's movie of 3 women who rescues a soldier

    ona deserted island?

    thanks for any help you can offer

  • Lauren 2 hours ago

    I saw the movie "Body of Deceit" and Im positive I saw a similar movie a few years back but it ended with the girls fighting in the swimming pool as well as the way the girl came to stay with them was different,the husband said he found her outside in a rain storm and they let her stay there until the storm cleared and she could leave.

  • Maureen 2 hours ago

    I saw a black and white movie (maybe on TV) back in the late 60s or early 70’s where a husband tries to kill his invalid wife. I think she was blind and in a wheel chair. It was an Alfred Hitchcock type movie. The husband strategically empties their home of all sharp objects and then has the house tented for termites and leaves her in the house when the gas starts- hoping it will kill her. This movie scared the living daylight out of me. I can’t remember if she lived or died- but vaguely remember something about knitting needles- maybe they ripped the plastic tent to get her out? Any suggestions on what this film could be??

  • Dominique 3 hours ago

    What’s the name of that movie?

    A man and his disabled son go to a small town and he starts doing construction then he goes in a bar and leaves his son in the car and the boy comes up missing and come to find out one of his friends killed the child

  • Andre Hudson 3 hours ago

    Looking for a movie where the mother is trying to save her child who was possessed and marked for death for not believing in god or something. I just remember the mother taking her child to the witch doctor and she tells the child "lost your way have you child".

  • Capnkrik 4 hours ago

    50’s French movie where a girl and mechanic are in love but she marries the rich guy and stops at mechanic’s station in a snow storm where he meet his child by her and then she drives away. Beautiful color movie.

  • Sharon 5 hours ago

    Hollie - The Happening?

  • Mr-d8a 5 hours ago

    The movie had a man that accidentally killed someone, possibly his wife. He then proceeds to kill several individuals, including his boss. And he totally gets away with it all and is not caught by the end of the movie. I think it was in the 90s, but I could be wrong.

  • ryli 6 hours ago

    whats the movie where a boy goes to shool with a really mean principal, and he has a best friend, but the friend is really his dead brother, he was just imagining him. Then he and his "friend" break all the rulesin school.

  • Sharon 6 hours ago

    I'm thinking of a movie I saw in the sixties or early seventies. It was a horror movie where a mother of several children dies, leaving them to fend for themselves. They don't know what to do, so they keep her body in the house and try to keep people from knowing that she's dead.

  • mckenna 6 hours ago

    so i saw an ad for a movie but forgot the name , basically a mother and her kids drove up to her deceased fathers house , which is very high-tech and has a lot of security. the kids end up getting locked inside and the mother outside , by people who i assume are trying to kill them.

  • Cuto 6 hours ago

    What's that movie where a male teen or boy(s?) trap and kill a man( maybe a priest) in a cave like place? I feel like the film was a foreign one, perhaps German. I think it starts off with a teen riding a train.

  • megan 6 hours ago

    Recent movie but can't think of its name!

    Woman and daughter get to a house and men end up breaking in and the daughter gets locked in with these guys who are trying to steal something and the mom gets locked out. Movie is about her trying to rescue her daughter. In the preview it shows metal covers coming down over the Windows and she is standing there on the outside watching them close. Any help??

  • Megan 7 hours ago

    ANyone know the movie about a little girl who lived in the country and was sent to live with family in the suburbs and then there was a scene about a house fire. This is all i remember from the movie. Its older, was on VCR, its driving me crazy

  • Lizzie 7 hours ago

    Movie about prep girls 3 or 4

    one had a baby in secrecy later the daughter is searching for her mom trying to figure out which one is her mom late 80s set in 50s/60s

  • ArmourChameleon 7 hours ago

    Anyone know of a movie where two guys are on a golf cart or something in like an underground facility driving past labs or monsters or so.ething

  • Ashley Wray 8 hours ago

    So I have a movie sort of a comedy/romance where a woman tells her fiance she is going on a spiritual journey after seeing her father cheat on her mother. She ends up buying a teenage girl alcohol and staying the night at her house. The woman kissed the teenage girls father and then went to jail for allegedly drunk driving with minors in the car. The teenage girls father gets her out of jail and the woman goes home to break up with her fiance. The women then goes back to the man's house and makes a joke about turtles or something and then they start kissing and the movie ends.

  • Melissa 9 hours ago

    Thanks @elgee82, but I've seen that, and it isn't it. It was much older. Appreciate the help.

  • Kaytlin Kociemba 9 hours ago

    So a long while ago, my family and I watched this movie on netflix, it's where this golden lab, (I think) ran out of a dog cage in the back of a truck, parked outside of a store with a kennel of another dog, barking "where are you going?!" or something, he ran off finding homes, asking dogs to help him get home. At the end he retreated with his family.

  • tvolkert17 9 hours ago

    Thinking of a movie. Kinda crime/drama. The story is of two white men looking for a guy named ?Tyrone? (not sure) in the end they give him a USB drive with information on it. At one point looking for him they come across a black man that has been beaten pretty bad by two men that are playing cards. One of the main guys then tell the other about a story where as a child he was being attacked by a man in his apartment. all the while there is another kid down below about to shoot the man sleeping with his mother. The second boy trips and shoots the attacker in the upstairs unit and saves the boys life. turns out that the beaten man is the guy that saved his life.

  • Jimmie 9 hours ago

    Hi. Does anyone recall a movie scene from (I would assume) the earlier 1970’s in which a bad man (possibly a murderer?) terrorizes a desert restaurant/diner? At one point, the bad man tells a 20-ish year old young man that he likes his (forearm) tattoo and then proceeds to gives him a knife to cut it out so that he can take it. I apologize for the vague details as I may not be entirely correct. If I recall, the young guy’s girlfriend is a waitress at the diner? Also, it’s possible that this was merely only one stop in the bad man’s travels during the film, but could have been the premise for the whole movie as well? I wish I had more info, however I’m running sheerly off of young memory. I can’t seem to find it anywhere? Many Thanks!

  • Tomislav77 9 hours ago

    @Doza ,you mean Death Race from 2008. with Statham? If so then answer is no,it's too new... maaaaaahhhh I'm never gonna find out what movie it is...thanks

  • Nick 9 hours ago

    It's a movie about a group of friends that get into a car accident and they kill a friend too injured to make it and the guy comes back to life and kills them.

  • elgee82 9 hours ago

  • fi berry 10 hours ago

    what was that film about a couple moving into a house where children have gone missing or were killed. cine camera and reels were found in the loft. Author husband struggling to get a book published decides to investigate

  • Kathryn 10 hours ago

    I'm looking for a movie from the 80s/90s. I don't remember much. just that a group of teens rent a bus and go on a field trip. the nerd kid has a cannibal mother.

  • Doza 10 hours ago


    Does Death Race sound more accurate?

  • Doza 10 hours ago


    Sounds like the movie ur looking for is In Time (2011) starring Justin Timberlake

  • Tomislav77 11 hours ago

    yes elgee82,I found it today,but it is not it,the movie I'm looking for is older,but almost everything is the same...hmmmm,don't know...thank you for your time :)

  • david rezaeian 11 hours ago

    A movie that in the end a woman handcuff a man to the wheel of a car besides the sea and left him.

  • Lori 11 hours ago

    A movie that was playing on Norwegian Cruise lines last week where a black woman afraid to leave her apartment takes care of a special-needs woman and her daughter. The daughter has a special gift that allows her to win at slots, etc.

  • elgee82 11 hours ago

  • Julie 11 hours ago

    Whats the name of the french movie where woman comes with a child and leaves it to father, and in the end the child dies. 7,2 rating on imdb i think

  • Nicholas Dollak 13 hours ago

    @Raya Avix - The movie with a girl in a big fancy house with a room full of creatures... It sounds vaguely like a 1965 horror flick from Orion Pictures called "Die, Monster, Die!" It stars Boris Karloff as a mad English scientist (naturally), who lives in a huge house filled with failed biological experiments. His daughter is inexplicably oblivious to all these goings-on until she invites a nice guy she met at college over, and he does all the discovering for both of them. It's based on an HP Lovecraft story called "The Colour Out of Space", which hopefully has a more coherent storyline. The makeup FX and sets are genuinely creepy, though!

  • SPRajvansh 13 hours ago


    I think that movie might be " The green mile"... Not sure though

  • Tomislav 14 hours ago

    Hi! I'm looking for a movie...what I remember is that the movie is older,maybe 20 years or so...action is on an island where some criminals (bad guys what so ever) are fighting to death,and the rich people are watching them on tv and some others take bets who will win...I think they can't escape from island,but at the end few of those guys find a way out and find those who take bets...

  • Tomislav 14 hours ago

    Hi! I'm looking for a movie...what I remember is that the movie is older,maybe 20 years or so...action is on an island where some criminals (bad guys what so ever) are fighting to death,and the rich people are watching them on tv and some others take bets who will win...I think they can't escape from island,but at the end few of those guys find a way out and find those who take bets...

  • Krista 14 hours ago

    looking for a movie that a man and a mouse that drink from special water and live a very long time. the old man loses his wife and family and lives in a nursing home then shows his nursing home friends

  • SPRajvansh 15 hours ago

    Hi I'm looking for a movie which was staged in future. It was something related to"time is money" literally... Every single person(not children) had a digital watch printed on their hand(wrist) and it worked as a sort of countdown... The trade was done in time and the salaries were given in time.

  • SPRajvansh 15 hours ago


    The description you gave fits the movie "Mr Bean on Holiday"

  • Stuart-meadows 15 hours ago

    I need to find out what the movie is. I can't remember any of the story line except that at one point there is someone almost drowning or dying in the sea, on a beach by their house. A family member has something important to tell them (for example that they are their father or mother) and they pull them out onto the beach and tell them. I can't remember if the person dies or not. But the house and the beach is significant for some reason. I really wish I could remember more.

  • Bubblegumfish 15 hours ago

    i'm looking for a movie, it's about a girls boarding school and its kinda an older movie , and the school is gonna collide with a boys boarding school but the girls rescue the school

  • hollie 16 hours ago

    what was the film about people having to evacuate new York or Chicago or some city like that because an invisible gas was killing people? theres a clip nearly at the start of construction men working and they get instantly killed by it?

  • Melanie 17 hours ago

    I'm looking for this movie which I don't remember the name or any actors in it. It was on tv last year. Its about a guy in prison for robbery. His sister is taking care of his child. He is being blackmailed and attacked in prison by the other guys that did the robbery with him cause they want to know where the money is. He is sending clues to his sister to get the money before the other guys. Hope someone can help :)

  • TheHooligan95 17 hours ago


    Help me find this "low-budget" war movie ('Nam?/Japanese?)

    I need help finding this movie that I really really liked but haven't had the chance to finish. For some reason, I remember the plot of the first 45 minutes well enough, but I can't for the love of god remember the nationality (French?) nor any of the actor starring in it (though there might be some known talents). Infact, low-budget is in quotes since it isn't an Oliver Stone or Francis Coppola super bombastic experience rigged with explosions and insane shots, but I don't think it was a dirt-cheap production either.

    The plot follows the story of this military squad of about 10, all/mostly caucasian, anyway the good guys; the movie starts with them in the jungle taking cover from a furious rain under some trees, chatting quietly (about women? cigarettes? the mission? stories?) due to fear of being heard and smoking, then, after the rain settles, they have the opportunity to continue their mission.

    They find a small enemy trench-line that either they didn't know about or thought it would be more difficult to get to, anyways it's been inexplicably abandoned; I don't recall if there were bodies or not, all I remember is that it was left in a rush since some equipment was left behind. The group soon finds and submits a vietnamese/jap (?) guy hiding in there; he's clearly seen some shit, he's dirty and sweaty and bloody, and he puts up a fight and maybe manages to injure someone of the group before being subdued.They can't get him to clearly explain what happened (due to language barriers?), and it's unclear whether it was a prisoner, a traitor or both, but I think that after some discussion on whether to execute him or not they get him to cooperate.

    Then I had to leave, but I'm sure the movie goes on and I can't recall any more details. It might've been around 2012 when I've seen it, but it wasn't a new release even then.If I had to give it a place in time, it would be 1995 (but with a 10 year margin). It's not "Letters from Iwo-Jima", nor "Contact" (1985)

  • Doza 17 hours ago


    Sounds like the Book of Henry starring Naomi Watts

  • Doza 17 hours ago

    This is a black n white comedy from 40’s or 50’s I’d assume. A man (Clark gable/Cary grant-esque type character) wanting to court a woman accidentally burns down the woman’s house. A candle falls I think and catches the curtains on fire. Then everything goes up in flames. That scene was toward the beginning. It was a comedy but it might not have been Clark Gable or Cary Grant. Just reminded me of them.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Raya Avix 22 hours ago

    Looking for a movie, but it could be show i don't remember which one it was so i hope thats okay. Theres a beautiful girl she lives in a big fancy house. A guy meets her and continues to get to know her. one day he wanders into a room of the home to discover a strange creature. So he screams and stuff. Then it is revealed that the girl is friends with all the creatures and helps them survive. I hope thats enough info i don' remember much. Hopefully someone can find it...

  • ArmourChameleon 22 hours ago

    Looking for a movie. The only scene I remember is 2 guys on a golf cart driving through a lab past some monsters or something.

  • sonali 23 hours ago

    so this mother of two, went to her fathers house (her kids in tow) after she got news he had passes away. After the funeral they decide to stay in this house more like a mansion and she goes out to check on some noise she heard and the intruders who are now unfortunately inside the house shut down the house leaving the mother outside & the kids inside with the bad guys. Its a movie of how a mothers love can overcome all odds, and how she ensues to save the kids. The intruders are there because there is something hidden in her fathers house, something valuable and they want it & use the kids as hostage to get her to help them, what they don't know is she has no idea of what they are talking about.

  • Goodluck 23 hours ago

    What is the name of the a movie which there are two boys who stays in a beach house and work as bar men at famous club and they drive nice classic blue car and they change girls everyday

    i think i watched it in 2014/15

  • sienna hagedorn 25 hours ago

    movie where some guy jumps off a cliff cause of his "friends" but the police came so his friends left him but he survived but was like injured. dont remember the rest of the movie but thats the start i think

  • Heatherd 25 hours ago

    Movie or show where man gives a ring to a homeless woman because he realizes its not gonna happen. Ends up doing it twice I believe

  • Trinity 25 hours ago

    Theres this one movie where its about a adult thats acts like a kid and he gets a ticket to go to France of something and he accidently takes a little boy with him and they go all over and it looks like he kidnaped him but he didn't. Finally at the end the guy brings the son back to the dad

  • Shantel 26 hours ago

    There is a movie of a guy he's in some sort of military or army or SWAT and someone kidnaps his wife they tie her to a pole in the bottom of the basement and put tape all the way around her in a big circle and he has to make a choice of either shooting his wife to save him and his SWAT team or they will all die has anyone else ever seen it I've only seen it once and it's been really bugging me for years it's one of the best movies I've ever seen

  • Marsha 26 hours ago

    American drives his british friend home. The rain is pouring when they get there. His friend disappears. Weird family members warn him to leave. Dark British comedy from, I think 1960s.

  • Trinity 26 hours ago

    Theres this one movie where its about a adult thats acts like a kid and he gets a ticket to go to France of something and he accidently takes a little boy with him and they go all over and it looks like he kidnaped him but he didn't. Finally at the end the guy brings the son back to the dad

  • dagabe 26 hours ago

    Movie had a little evil girl killing people. She would sing a song, the worms crawl in and out their heads ....

  • CarmenW21 26 hours ago

    It’s like an indie flick. It was made in the 90’s and it focuses on a woman who last her daughter while she was dressed as an angel, and goes crazy

  • Dagabe 26 hours ago

    Man with a injured leg is in a cave. He cuts leg off. Crawls further into cave and discovers a utopia type place. He is told his leg would have healed if he had t cut it off. He ends up becoming the leader of the people there.

  • Dagabe 26 hours ago

    Man with a injured leg is in a cave. He cuts leg off. Crawls further into cave and discovers a utopia type place. He is told his leg would have healed if he had t cut it off. He ends up becoming the leader of the people there.

  • Jenn 26 hours ago

    The movie is about a boy telling mom or dad the girl at the end of the street is being hurt by her dad and it is a fairly new movie. Please help!

  • Dagabe 26 hours ago

    A movie from the 60s or late 59s. A plane crash I think. Two young boys are trying to make it back. I think in Asia somewhere.

  • Amine19 27 hours ago

  • elgee82 27 hours ago

  • Eldin Drljevic 27 hours ago

    The movie starts with a boy running away from something and later on, him and his friends are tricked by a man who gives them goggles and they can't see reality until they take them off. The world looks like it's super fun and they have toys and stuff to play with but when they take off their goggles, the whole world is super gray and industrial and they have to escape.

  • awen 28 hours ago

    what is the movie called where the husband winds up in the hospital and is watching tv and notices that a set of knifes that he received on his birthday are being sold on tv. The nurse starts sleeping with him. The wife stops visiting him. The wife starts selling household objects and starts sleeping with the doctor.

  • Patricia 29 hours ago

    About 10 years ago. One word movie title (I think). Maybe starts with the letter A. A bit artsy. About a group of people where one woman is caring for her dying gay ex-husband. They tell the story of another woman who leaves her family because she is gay. Thanks for your help!

  • Ironeye 29 hours ago

  • Amine19 29 hours ago

    I'm looking for an apocalypse movie there is a group of people one of those people get turned by getting an infected blood drop in his eye than they get saved by the army.....

  • Max 29 hours ago

    Name the movie plz where 2 black girls have bought a TV and were walking with it in a shopping cart

  • Melissa 29 hours ago

    This movie has been bugging me for years. I saw it as a child, late 80s or early 90s. The movie could have been older though; I just don't know. The only parts I remember was something about a bellboy or door man who kills tenants of either a hotel or apartment building. One victim gets found in a dryer (maybe washer), maybe whole or cut up. The part that sticks out the most is when an elderly lady is either getting into or out of bed and has her feet in her slippers. The knife comes quickly and cuts off her feet. To this day, I cannot keep my feet near the bed. I'd love to see this movie again and see if it really was scary. Help, please!

  • Amine 29 hours ago

    I'm looking for an apocalypse movie there was a group of people one of them was turned by getting an infected blood drop in to his eye than they get saved by some army members.....

  • Paul 29 hours ago

    old film where a black man tells story to little boy who is dressed in blue. at end of film story teller dies.

  • Melissa 29 hours ago

    @tiffany bride - I think you're thinking about Rebecca

  • JA 30 hours ago

    Comedy I think??? Scene shows a doctor or father explaining the act of intercourse to elementary school age son. Next scene shows boy retelling his friends (on the playground I think). He botches the explanation (causing a laugh for the movie audience).

  • Cuto 30 hours ago

    What's that movie where a male teen or boy(s?) trap and kill a man( maybe a priest) in a cave like place? I feel like the film was a foreign one, perhaps German. I think it starts off with a teen riding a train.

  • Amanda Gregory 33 hours ago

    The movie where a younger couple (newly weds i think) maybe late 20s early 30s move in a house (i think a twin house) in a rurally type of area. The house is at te end of a gravel/dirt road. the husband works and the woman stays at home working on the house, fixing it up. The wife realizes something weird is going on either with her neighbors who are an elderly couple and/or her husband (i can't remember). i'm not sure that they knew they had neighbors at first. but the wife hears them during the day and at some point the old lady neighbor comes and gives the young woman a plate of food (cookies?)

  • Marilyn 33 hours ago

    I think I finally found it! Hansel and Gretel 2007

  • Teresa 33 hours ago

    There was a horror movie a while back where the father/mother/daughter go to the English countryside. The daughter goes missing and another child appears. When they take the new child to the doctor, they find that the child has had holes drilled in her head. The mother goes into the ocean? When she comes out, the daughter has reappeared and the father/daughter are packing to leave. The mother is so happy until she realizes that her family can not see her and she is trapped in the house.

  • tania 34 hours ago

    what is the movie about a women who find a guy from the street and make him appear as a handsome man to beat her friend and she fall in love with him

  • Mercy 35 hours ago

    Movie where man follows teen girl from a diner. He starts to stalk her and the end scene in the movie is where she lies down in a cornfield near her house.

  • Autumn 35 hours ago

    I'm trying to find that movie about the old times and that little girls house goes up for sale and they are poor, and she has a tree house and she meets people and runs away with them

  • Hilda 36 hours ago

    Hi, This is my second request just in case you missed my first one. I'm desperately trying to find out the name of an old film where women and children are lowered overboard be cause they were sick ? Can someone help please .

  • Unknown 36 hours ago

    French movie about dance manager not letting any of his members (female dancers) fall in love. Soon a newly brought in dancer is a mother and she sneaks in her baby. Dance manager found baby

  • Ironeye 37 hours ago


    looking for a movie with a scene with 2 young white boys dancing/body popping like they're fighting. I think they're at a bus stop and possibly British.

  • Ironeye 37 hours ago

  • Quintanakm 37 hours ago

    Do you know any drama about a guy that was paid to replace a sick ceo/boss and fell inlove with the sick person’s sister?

  • Quintana 37 hours ago

    Do you know any drama about a guy who was paid to pretend as the boss/ceo then fell inlove with that person’s sister?

  • Tori 37 hours ago

    An man inherits an motel and guest he last seen with is murdered or disappears he prime suspect so to fight to prove his innocence

  • ebag 37 hours ago

  • gelado 38 hours ago

    @gulmina no it isn’t but thx anyways

  • wendyblake 38 hours ago

    @elgee82 Yes, it's The Snapper. We were racking our brains trying to think of it (and as you can see, all of our clues were not helping). Thank you!