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Should I Call Him?

Why You Shouldn't Call or Text a Man Early On In Your Relationship

Should I Call? Don't Call or Text that Man (too Much)!

Is it OK to text or call a man early on in a relationship? OK, let's not get too hung up on this. Of course it's OK to text or call your new man - in moderation - when you've only just met. However, in general, early on in dating and relationships, you really should not call or text a man very much, if at all, because it doesn't work so well.

Women often feel angry at being told this because it's not what they want to hear. But, seriously, how you handle texting and calling in relationships can damage your chances of success. Usually because it is a symptom of other underlying factors. This advice does not say that you can't text or call but encourages you to think about why you are doing it and whether it works. So, don't text or call him until you've read what I have to say and understand the consequences that your text or phone call might have.

Should I Call? Why do you Want to?

Many women have an intense desire for male attention and, upon meeting a man, allow themselves to get attached to him very quickly. To satisfy their cravings, they follow their gut instincts which are to call and text often. At first he will feel flattered but eventually he will tire of your constant attention and start to feel pressured. Therefore keep your texting and calling to a minimum. As long as he knows that you are interested, let him text and call you. How else are you going to know whether he is genuinely interested in pursuing you? If he's not calling, then that's also a message. Will you get the message or will you carry on regardless? If he's not calling you, it's even more important not to call him.

It Will Not Make You Feel Better!

Often, you think that you will feel better when you have had your fix of him. But when he doesn't pick up or return your call or your text, you will probably end up feeling worse. Your imagination will probably start to run riot wondering what he is up to and whether he is still interested. Get on with making your own life fabulous, with or without a man. And then, believe me, you will have them queuing up.

The Thrill of The Chase - Don't Spoil It!

Men are programmed by nature to be hunters. If you deprive him of the thrill of the chase during dating, it will simply kill his pleasure - along with your relationship - very quickly. Although it can be very frustrating to have to sit back and wait for a man to act, by letting him do the chasing, you give him the excitement that men look for in relationships. You also stand out as different from all those other women who were "easy prey" and get to see how much effort he is prepared to make for you.

Patience Reaps it's Rewards - Learn to Chill!

Men love a challenge and if you're not chasing him then he will have to chase you. If he wants you, that is! Your patience can reap great rewards as this is an excellent way to find out whether or not he is genuinely interested in you and just how much effort he is prepared to make on your behalf. He will value you so much more because he had to work hard to get you. If he doesn't put any effort in then you will not have wasted your valuable time and energy in a relationship that is going nowhere.

Simple Advice that Works - Get Ahead of the Competition

Some women will think of these suggestions as "game playing". However, it is simply advice that many women have found to work, usually after a string of failed relationships during which they called and chased a man. Putting the advice into action will not necessarily guarantee relationship success as many factors are involved. However, it will get you streets ahead of the competition! Next time a man seems keen, why not try holding back just a little and, assuming he is available and interested, watch how he reacts.

Should I Call? What's Your Opinion on Calling Men?

How often do you think it's OK to call a man? I say not very often. Keep it as an occasional treat. What do you think?

Warning - How you Handle Calling and Texting Men Can Seriously Affect YOUR DATING SUCCESS!

It's so frustrating! You want to call and connect with him but you have to hold yourself back. But if you knew that your self-restraint could be the difference between the success or failure of your new relationship would this make it easier?