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If you're here to see that bootylicious picture of Kim Kardashian West, well, it's not here. What we do have is a bounty to say about what Kim decided to do on social media; however, Kanye only has one thing to say, #AllDay.

Kim Kardashian, wife of Kanye West, has done it again in the vain of Britney Spears! For shock value, mental breakdown, art or other, she has managed to take these internets by storm in an actual attempt to break or shut it down.

We know you've probably seen on NATIONAL NEWS that Kim Kardashian decided to balance a glass of bubbly on her bubble, as well as bare her bottom for all of her wannabe bedfellows. Yes, she has yet again shown her backside to the world because it's very important, no imperative, to do so nowadays. The showing of one's buns has been taken to new heights and Kim is the unofficial queen of baring it big time. Her mission, along with the photographer, was to create a work of art for Paper Magazine...AND to literally break the internet. In an attempt to shut stuff down in the interstellar galactic online land of wires and endless media, Kim and her cohort decided to show her butt, BARE. As we stated, we won't and really can't show such gratuitousness, but you are more than welcome to peruse her own Twitter page and other pages to feast your eyes on her fierce rump. We don't know what the internet has come to, but this is an example of what you may be bombarded with, on and off line. Kim's photo literally read, "Break the Internet" across the picture and she even tweeted that it required great talent to balance that champagne glass on top of her arse. Well, she said that people say she has no talent. That's her talent apparently. Speaking of talent, Kanye West is often saying that Kim, his Perfect B**ch's, talent is her beauty. Good thing beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Moving along...he also responded to her bodacious show of talent by tweeting, #ALLDAY. We certainly take that to mean all day, everyday. He can surely stand to partake in Kim's champagne balancing roast all day, until the cows come home. In fact, he never tires of her posting her parts online. He loves her crafted body and feels that others should worship it since she is "the most beautiful woman in the world." Well, all hail Queen Kim Kardashian West, a bootifully talented lady who even new as a "beautiful little girl" in '94 that she would grow up to be famous for nothing.


Kim Kardashian has decided to take the nudity all the way to the top #allday. Thanks, husband and father, Kanye. If you are interested in seeing her front now that her back has been splayed all over a device near you, have at it. This is an all-time low for Kim as many thought she was trying to be taken much more seriously as a businesswoman, fashionista, wife and mother. As she backtracks to her days with Ray J, it looks like she is one thong or rather a bottle of baby oil away from making another taste of pornography.

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