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Your conversations come with you.
Start a chat on your desktop at work and seamlessly pick things up from the coffee shop later in the day. Trillian automatically keeps all of your devices synchronized, ensuring you're always able to access conversations wherever you are.
We take this stuff seriously: all connections to Trillian are secured with TLS, your data is owned by you and not used for advertising, and our proactive approach to security means we're always working behind-the-scenes to keep your data secure. Learn more about our privacy and security practices.
By default, the servers that power Trillian for Business are hosted in our secure cloud, so your only responsibility is distributing the Trillian client to your team. For larger organizations with stricter requirements, we also offer in-house server software with Active Directory integration.
With Trillian for Business, your entire company stays connected in real time. Discuss group projects in persistent group chats, hold private 1:1 conversations, and send images and files with ease. Combined with the power of centralized chat history, you'll soon wonder how you survived without Trillian.
✓ Private 1:1 messaging
✓ Offline messages
✓ Automatic contact list
✓ Fast OS-native clients
Stay in control with comprehensive administrative options.
From centralized chat history with administrative audit rights to policy control over specific features, Trillian for Business keeps you in control without compromising on utility.
No more remembering obscure usernames: contact lists are automatically populated. Add or disable users as necessary.
Optional cloud chat history means all chats are stored centrally for later export or compliance-related monitoring.
Configure group chats by team, project, or anything you like. Lock membership down or keep chats open for others to join.
Use policies to enable or disable certain client features, including Trillian's third-party IM plugins like AIM, Yahoo!, and Google Talk.
You're just a few clicks away from starting a free trial of Trillian for Business for your company. Say goodbye to hard-to-follow email exchanges and give the power of instant messaging a try!
What makes Trillian for Business different from regular Trillian?
• Your own private IM network. Trillian for Business is a complete platform for team communication, not just a client for third-party consumer IM networks. You can use it to keep your team together in one place while keeping your data under company control - think messages, files, and images - using the same Trillian clients that you know and love.
• Extensive control. You decide who is a part of your team and can send additional invitations or disable existing users at any time. You're also in charge of determining which Trillian features are enabled or disabled, and can lock the client down to prevent things like file transfers and third-party IM access.
• Centralized chat history. Optional cloud chat history ensures that all of your conversations are stored in a central location. In addition, administrators have access to chat history for auditing and compliance purposes.
• No ads, all features. We don't show any advertising to our business customers. In addition, all business client software runs in lifetime "Trillian Pro" mode, so you don't have to worry about missing out on any features.
What platforms does Trillian for Business support?
Trillian clients exist for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web. Our web client works on most modern web browsers and is a great option for situations when your users can't install software for whatever reason.
What mobile platforms does Trillian for Business support?
Trillian clients currently exist for iOS and Android.
How does Trillian keep phones and desktops in sync?
Trillian automatically detects which devices are idle and which devices are not. As a result, your phone will stay quiet throughout the day as long as you're in front of your desktop! Once you head to lunch, we detect this and will begin surfacing alerts to any of your connected mobile devices. Finally, the unread state of your messages is also synchronized between devices. The end result - what we call "continuous client" - is a desktop to mobile experience that "just works".
Will Trillian mobile clients connect to an in-house server?
Yes. By deploying the necessary DNS records that instruct Trillian to connect to your server instead of ours, all mobile clients will continue to work with an in-house server. Additionally, all connections, whether from desktop or mobile, are secured with TLS.
How does centralized chat history work?
Whether your users are only using Trillian-to-Trillian communication or leveraging our third-party IM plugins to connect to services like AIM or Yahoo, all communication is sent back to the Trillian Server for archiving. As long as your users are using Trillian, you can be confident that all communication is being archived.
What features can I control through policies?
Some examples: enable or disable file transfers, group chats, and voice calls; enable a chat disclaimer if one is required; enable cloud chat history for centralized chat history storage; enable or disable third-party IM plugins like AIM, Yahoo, and Google Talk.
What are the differences between a cloud and in-house deployment?
Besides pricing differences, the main difference is that our in-house servers can hook into Active Directory for users, groups, and authentication. This means that your users can authenticate to Trillian with credentials they're already familiar with from your AD environment, which can make adoption much easier with one less password to worry about remembering.