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Would South Korean Girls Want To Date You?

Find South Korean girls attractive?

I sure do!  When I lived in Korea I couldn't help but admire their beautiful face and bodies.   When it came to dating a woman from Korea and getting to know her I loved it even more.  

How about you? Have you been dating Korean women lately?  Some of the reasons why you might be having a hard time would mean facing yourself currently.

Do you have these things below that might be holding South Korean women back from dating you?

I guess the first question to ask yourself is...

Are You "Normal"?

Before we go into if South Korean girls would date you - would any woman date you?  Give yourself an honest assessment - do people walk away from you when you talk to them? 

Do you give out a "creepy" vibe?  Ask you friend(s) what their take is.

If you do give out a creepy vibe then you'll have to be brutally honest with yourself and work on changing it.  If you're still not sure then contact me and send me a few pictures.  I'll give you a brutally honest assessment.

Besides your 'vibe'...

How Do You Present Yourself?

What is your fashion like?  Do you dress like a stylish man?  Or do you dress like a boy?  For women from Korea your fashion is more important than back home.   Just look at how men from Korea dress and how attentive Koreans are to how they look.

Besides your fashion (and even grooming) what else do I mean?

How do you present yourself when asked about your job and status?  Do you present yourself as an "english teacher" or "soldier"?

I recommend finding things about your hobby and presenting yourself based on that.  Do you like to play music?  How about telling Korean girls that you're a musician?

This will help them see past your job (and its low status for Koreans) and be willing to accept you for what you like to do.  That being said - if your job gives you good status then show it off (when they ask of course.  I don't recommend flaunting your job either.)

Besides how you present yourself why else wouldn't a South Korean woman want to date you?

What's Your Situation?

Do you live in Korea or would you want to? 

How long are you living in Korea? 

Do you know about about Korean culture? 

The more you know about their culture the more likely South Korean girls would be willing to date you?


Because they can more easily adapt to dating you. 

Also if you're in Korea - how long do you plan on living there?  Most Korean ladies won't date a foreigner in Korea if they are under the impression that he's not staying long. 

After all if you leave they'll still be in Korea whereas you would have moved on.

"How Can I Myself a Better
Catch For Dating Korean Women?"

I recommend using what you've read above:

 • check your vibe
 • work on your fashion and job status
 • think about your life situation

These are some of the few things you can change (or accept) when it comes to dating Korean ladies. 

Good luck! ;-) › Korean Ladies › South Korean Girls

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