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Sushar Manaying is a famous Thai actress.

She first became famous for her role in the movie Yes Or No, a lesbian movie featuring her along with Tina Jittaleela.

The said film became her breakthrough back in 2010, and because it became such a huge hit, it was then followed by a sequel to which was titled Yes Or No 2.

Aside from being an actress, she is also a part time singer.

She’s still very much active in the entertainment industry as of today.


Birth Date & Sun Sign

Sushar was born on January 9, 1988.
She is now 28 years old.
Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Height, Weight and Measurements

She stands 5’2 ft (154 cm) in height and weighs around 40 kg (88 lbs).

Born Place, Nationality, Born name, bio and SNS

Sushar was born in Nakhon Ratchasima , a province in Thailand.
She was born with Thai and Chinese descent.

Thai Name: สุชารัตน์ มานะยิ่ง
Blood Type: B

Facebook page URL:
Instagram ID: @aom_sushar


As a young one, Sushar was really unsure as to what path she’s going to choose when she grows up.

She had nothing in mind and she would just go with the flow.

But during her days when she was still studying, she admitted that she really enjoyed studying acting a lot back when she was in Bangkok.

She was just a simple hometown girl in their province back then, and she got really surprised when she was scouted by a talent manager for modeling.

It was only through her friends’ recommendation to take up theater as a degree way back in college.

She was unsure of what to choose so she picked up theater instead, but little did she know that she would love it so much, despite having little knowledge about theater.


Sushar finished her Bachelor’s Degree at the Srinakarinviroj Prasanmit University.

She was awarded as the second honour of the batch and she graduated with a degree in Applied Arts.


Sushar was born to a Chinese father and a Thai mother.
There is only little information regarding her family.

Career & Bio

She first started out in modeling gigs as she was scouted by a talent agency back when she was just studying in Bangkok.

In 2010, she received her first main role in the lesbian film Yes Or No, together with actress Tina Jittaleela.

She movie became such a huge hit and this became her breakthrough in the acting industry.

In 2012, Yes Or No 2 was released.
She has featured in the film once again and it received a lot of attention just like the first film did.

She has also starred in other TV dramas and movies through the years.

In 2014, she was cast alongside Mike D. Angelo in the Thai remake of the Korean TV series Full House.

The series received so much popularity that they gained fans from all over the world.

Just last year in 2015, she once again starred in another Thai remake of the famous TV series It Started With A Kiss.

Her on-screen partner was Mike D. Angelo again as they were one of Thailand’s famous on-screen partners during that time.
It also received a lot of positive responses from the viewers.

Sushar is still very much active in the acting industry as of today.

Net Worth

Sushar’s net worth is unknown.


Sushar has not revealed anything about her dating history since her debut in the entertainment industry.

However, fans have always paired her up with her fellow on-screen partners in film and television.

She was once paired up with Tina Jittaleela during their Yes Or No years.

She was also paired up in 2014 with Mike D. Angelo, but it was all cleared up when Mike D. Angelo announced that he’s is having a baby with a different woman, but that woman is not in a relationship with him.

Sushar is still being paired up by the fans with Mike, but nothing has been confirmed just yet.

Favorite Things

Idol: Aof Pongpat Wachirabunjong
Restaurant: MK Suki
Animal: Panda
Food: Papaya Salad
Drink:Healthy Drinks
Drama Genre: Romantic Comedy
Motto: “Believe and have faith in love”
Personality: Cheerful
Hobby: Reading
Place: Thailand

Fun facts

1. Also known as Aom Manaying.
2. Does not like beef and watermelon.
3. Is known to always bite her nails.
4. Her fanclub name is Aom Sucharat FC.
5. Her religion is Buddhism.
6. Her famous quotes are “Believe and have faith in love”.
7. She becomes happy when she acts.
8. Her most famous gossip is her Snickers ad controversy.