Love her philippines in dating scammers this awesome

(I found this in the profile of someone claiming to be a 25 year old pinay, on a specialist dating site. Thought it might be interesting to others.)

I thought that it’s about time that someone gave the users of this site, especially the Western guys, a ‘heads-up’ on the real situation in Philippines regarding dating sites.

Firstly, posting profiles in dating sites is second nature to people from Philippines and there is a reason for it; most people in Philippines live in circumstances which you could not begin to imagine and the idea that a western guy will come and sweep a girl off her feet and whisk her away to his country is a dream held by 95% of the female population.

The Filipinas are, however, realistic and they know that this will, almost certainly, never happen and, in many cases, it doesn’t matter because the real object of the exercise is to relieve you of your hard-earned cash. This is no random act, it’s an industry in Philippines and Filipinos/Filipinas are very, very good at it.

Most people who do this do so to support their families and they do it with their family’s blessing; don’t make the mistake of thinking that they do it to support a drug habit or alcoholism.

How Does It Work?

The internet is not widely available to people in Philippines so most use internet cafes. They are online, in a cafe, at seemingly odd hours…. online just when you are online; strange huh? Because the times you are online is, almost certainly, the middle of the night in Philippines but they all troop off to the cafes and go on ‘duty’ – yes, that’s what they call it. Between the hours of 9pm and 8am in Philippines, the internet cafes are rammed with guys, girls and ladyboys all looking for someone, just like you, to obtain funds from.

Some of these internet cafes will have curtained off areas so that the user can go on cam and show themselves to ‘prove’ they are who they purport to be. But (there’s always a ‘but’, huh?), very often, all you see is a gorgeous model who looks as though she is typing but who, in reality, is not – that is possibly being done by an old crone, a young guy, anyone with good English who is sitting ‘off cam’ but close by with the keyboard. And, yes, she can see what you are doing!

There will also be a group of kids hanging around waiting to run down to the nearest Western Union office to collect the cash when an operator shouts “MTCN” and holds up a piece of paper with the details (sender’s name, country, etc). They don’t need ID, they know which WU offices are lax in the requirements – and that’s most of them in Philippines.

The cash is brought back and the kid who got it will get, maybe, 100 pesos; the rest is put into a jar and distributed evenly amongst all those who were on duty that night. Most will go home with between $75 and $150 per night. Not much, you might think…. believe me, a Philippine family can live VERY well on that kind of money.

You will get angry and abusive toward those who are after your money… don’t waste your breath, they just don’t care. For every 99 abusive clients, there will be one who sends $50 and THAT’S the one they are looking for. Think about this when next you decide to fire off a broadside against a pinay who asked you for money – she doesn’t care and, to tell the truth, it was quite possibly a guy who you were chatting with anyway! Note also that many ladyboys have boyfriends who are only interested in the ladyboy because of the money she can make from you… yes, YOU!

What To Look Out For

The first thing to attract your attention will be the picture, right? ALWAYS right click on it and do a Google search for this picture. It’s amazing how many Korean actresses, Asian porn stars and other types find time in their busy schedules to make a profile in DateInAsia or Pinalove!

Pictures that are obviously taken with expensive cameras, those pictures which are too good to be true. If something seems to be too good to be true, it’s because it IS too good to be true! Also, most pinays do not look Asian, they look more Latino – be aware, the picture of an Asian-looking girl claiming to be a Filipina is, possibly, that of a Korean actress and she is banking on the fact that you do not know many Korean actresses.

Does the picture show a girl in a well appointed room with well maintained furniture? This is because she is in a hotel, which she cannot afford, with a guy who came over to Philippines SPECIFICALLY to meet her (and, possibly, others as well although, of course, he won’t be telling her that!). This is common here and the girl will be fed, sheltered and well-paid for the two weeks or so that the guy is here. Most Filipinas do not live in houses with bedrooms as well appointed as this; and those that do, do not need to advertise in sites like this!

Then there are the personal details. What is her height? More than 5’3″? Unlikely to be a girl then!! All those pictures of gorgeous girls and they put their height as 5’6″? Happily for you, they don’t think this through when they create the next batch of 20 profiles (yup, they do this!).

Do they take a long time between messages? Of course they do because they are chatting with anything up to 30 other guys at the same time trying to make a few dollars out of all of you.

A scammer will give it two weeks. If he or she hasn’t got any money out of you in that time, he or she will drop you like a hot potato, they have other fish to fry. They might, however, sell your details to the highest bidder…. ever had a message from a pinay who is apologetic that her friend treated you so badly?

Then there is the question of cellphones. “Oh, sorry, honey… I wasn’t able to chat with you because my phone got stolen.” This is simply a ruse to get you to pay for a new one.

Also, “Sorry, honey, I can’t go on cam because my cam’s broken!” – yup, guess who is expected to pay for the new one!

These people are not interested in westerners who live in Philippines because they know that the ex-pats will soon see through them; the ones they want are those in the US, Europe or Australia who can do nothing but “help” with the financial problem.

AND HERE’S THE THING – once you have made one payment, they’ve got you and they know it…. and so do you. You will suspect that you are being scammed but you’ve already sent $25 so it’s worth another $25 to find out if the story she is telling rings true. It always will, you’re dealing with professionals here; professionals on a scale you cannot possibly imagine.


Don’t send any money at all. Ever. Just don’t do it. Someone genuine will not ask you for money. If guys, like you, didn’t come online with your brains having sunk to your scrotums, there would be no scammers; you are reaping what you sow. Just be careful, these people are very good at what they do and most of you are easy meat for them!

Your opinion of Philippines and Filipinos is probably not that high. Well, let me tell you, it’s a wonderful country and the people are what makes it wonderful. Why do they scam and why are they so good at it? Simple, because there are huge numbers of western guys online after their wives or girlfriends have gone to bed and they are looking for a pinay to play with online. Yes, people like you! And they know this and exploit it… they exploit you.

Lastly, there are some very genuine people in the dating sites and remember this, even the scammers want love and affection as well.

Ain’t life fun!