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 Updated: Feb 19, 2013


BBB: " Best British Briar" is now a brand of the Cadogan Company (Oppenheimer group). American rights to use the brand name were sold to Wally Frank in 1980.
Founder of the brand in 1847: Louis Blumfeld. The oldest pipe brand name in the UK has been registered in 1876 (Blumfeld Best Briar)
Grading (ascendant): Own Make, Bold Grain, Best Make, Rare Grain

▲ (Left side) Own Make, BBB (in diamond)
  (Right side)  Hesson, PATD DEC.22.1925, 2925

▲  BBB (in diamond) Best Make

Inlaid brass logo on the stem.

▲  BBB (in diamond) Hand Made   ▲ 

Morell Mackenzie

(Left side) BBB (in diamond), Morell Mackenzie

(Right side) Made in England

(Hallmarks on band): see enlarged picture #1

Quote from a paper on BBB pipes by Jacques Cole:

“Probably one of the first filter pipes (paper filter) was the BBB "Sir Morell Mackenzie". That this pipe was made before 1900 is shown by a letter dated August 27, 1891 from Sir Morell Mackenzie regarding these models with longer mouthpieces. The brand survived into the 1960s.”

Sir Morell Mackenzie (1837-1892) was a British physician, one of the pioneers of laryngology in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless he failed to diagnose the throat cancer of German Emperor Frederick III.

▲ (Underside) BBB (in diamond) Special


▲  BBB (in diamond), Tortoise

 ▲  BBB (in diamond)(Two stars), Made in England

▲ (Left side) BBB (in diamond) Freestyle

▲  BBB (in diamond) Own make, Thorneycroft, London England, 427

▲  BBB (in diamond) Own Make, Thorneycroft, Made in England     636 (on mouthpiece)  

▲  BBB (in diamond) Own Make, Ultima Thule

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