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Last week, rumors went flying when Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz were seen at the grand opening of Beacher’s Madhouse in Las Vegas. The two seem to be getting cozy and tongues were rolling to determine if the two hot stars were serious about one another. Is Miley and Kellan dating or not?

To Kellan, he just does not take it too seriously. Ouch.

Seemingly, Kellan is out for a good time. What he does not like, is the amount of press attention that comes with all things Miley. Including her potential booty calls. Friends from both sides admit the two like hanging out, but they are far from serious. It is Kellan who is especially halting the dating or not in its tracks. Kellan even went as far to share with reporters that he is actually “happily single.” This provides a much needed sigh of relief for the millions that adore the Twilight heartthrob.

Since Miley ended her engagement with Liam Hemsworth this past September, she has been playing the field, making music and well just about every single headline possible. From twerking against Robin Thicke at the VMAs, to riding nude on a wrecking ball in her hot selling single, the controversial songstress has been busy. Rumors suggest that Miley totally digs Kellan and she is willing to consider the next step – it seems Kellan may be taking Miley simply at surface value.

When a 21-year-old becomes notorious for tongue flashing, raw sexual innuendos and seemingly masturbating in videos – more than likely attracting a long-term mate may fall slightly out of the scene. It seems Kellan wants to sample the action, but not commit to it. Early last month, the hot twosome departed a private jet that flew in from the Bahamas.  It seems while causal, the concept of paparazzi is becoming too much for Kellan, reports friends close to the star. He digs Miley, but is pretty much annoyed with the the media stalking them at every corner.

Note to Kellan – when one wants to “hook-up” with the most talked about celebrity in years, more than likely the one attached to that hook-up will be named in the media. In addition, being a pal to Miley’s  former fiance Hemsworth, will definitely have the media talking.

While Miley may feel a small sting at Kellan’s words to the media, calling reports of their relationship “stupid,” it is unlikely she will be fazed for too long. Miley bounces back and does not seem to have any intention stopped her Wrecking Ball antics. After her celebrated performance on Dick Clark’s Rockin New Years Eve hosted by Ryan Seacrest – Miley tweeted about how amazing 2013 was to her.

In 2014, Miley will begin her Bangerz Tour with Icona Pop and Sky Ferreria. The first show is scheduled for Feb. 16 in Tacoma, Washington. In May of this year, the UK will also receive a visit from the ongoing tour, scheduled for a multitude of shows over the year.

It seems at this point, with a very busy schedule, a committed love-life may not be in the cards for Miley. While friends of the pop princess state she “likes” Kellan “a lot,” more than likely these two will remain casual before going their separate ways. Between the ultimate camera craze and Miley’s skyrocketing star power, it seems Kellan cannot keep up and it seems he has no intention to.

Is Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz dating or not? It seems an occasional hook-up is about the only thing these two have going for them. As far as commitment, it appears while interested – both of these stars will enjoy the fun and slowly depart from one another. Thoughts on the rumors? Cute couple alert? Share in the comments.


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