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Facebook is the most lovable social networking site by the people of the whole world. There are countless users of Facebook who are totally addicted to Facebook. Facebook addiction force them to use Facebook day and night. People use Facebook very interestingly and keep them self engaged in other activities on Facebook like chatting, liking, commenting etc and for each activity, user gets a notification. If someone will like your image then you will get a notification even you will also get an email notification in your mail box when someone liked your pics, statuses etc.

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Have you ever get annoyed with these unwanted email notifications coming from Facebook???

Yes you are absolutely correct that It’s very annoying for me also. It’s too much. Facebook sends an email notification for each activity on Facebook. Due to this, the mail box totally filled with the emails coming from Facebook.

If you are the member of any group on Facebook then you will get tons of emails from Facebook for the various activities happening in that group.

Sometime it happens that your friends added you to a group because they thinks that you would like to be a part of this group. In the result, it only increases the number of emails coming from Facebook in your mail box.

If you are a blogger and you have joined many groups on Facebook in order to promote your blog or your blog posts then you may get many email notifications each and every time when some one will share the link of their blog post with the group. Right???

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This is very annoying for me that’s why I am going to write an article on How to disable Facebook email notifications so that we can stop these unwanted emails from Facebook. So keep your seat belts tight and follow the instructions step by step to stop these email notifications from Facebook. 😀

How to Disable Facebook Email Notifications

1. Login to your Facebook account and click on settings.

2. After clicking on settings, In the next step click on Notifications tab as showing in the below image.

3. Now you will land on Notification settings page where you have to choose for which activity you need to get notified.

On the notifications settings page, you can see ” What you get notified about ” section where you have to choose options according to your needs.

If you wants to get notifications related to your close friends activity either on Facebook or on both Facebook and email, you can choose yourself. You can also stop getting notifications related to your close friends activity by just clicking on Edit>> Off as showing in the below image.

If you don’t want to get notifications neither on Facebook nor in email then click on Off as showing in the above image.

In tags, you will get notification when you are tagged by anyone or friends of friend or friend. You should choose Friend to reduce the notifications as showing in the below image.

In followers, you may get notifications when people who are not your friends start following you. If you don’t want to get notifications for the new followers, click on Nobody from the drop down as showing in the below image.

Like above you can also configure notification settings in the remaining options like notifications from pages you manage etc.

How to Turn Off Email Notifications for Facebook Groups

If you wants to get rid of email notifications from Facebook groups then Go to Settings >> Notifications >> Groups activity and click on Edit.

When you will click on edit then all the groups which you have joined will be listed there. Now If you don’t want to get notifications from the Facebook groups then simply click on Off and then you will not get any email notification from the Facebook groups.

You will see a drop down in front of the group name where you have to choose Off in order to stop getting email notifications from Facebook groups.

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Final Words…

This was the complete tutorial on How to disable Facebook email notifications. In this article, we have covered how you can stop getting email notifications from Facebook and Facebook groups. As all of you know that the features of Facebook has changed completely so you have to move ahead wisely. Follow the above instructions correctly to complete your task smoothly. I don’t know whether I gave my performance perfectly or not but If something is missing or If you have any question then must ask through your comments below. I’ll be reply for sure. Also subscribe to this blog to get the latest updates from this blog. Thanks for reading and HAPPY BLOGGING 😀

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