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How would you feel about LoZ if they put the dating sim elements in OoT like intended

This is kind of a obscure fact about OoT, but miyamoto and aonuma have both commented on the fact that there was gonna be dating sim elements in ocarina of time.
This becomes obvious when you look at characters link communicated with like Saria, Malon, Ruto, etc.

Now japanese games back then didnt have the stigma of "games with dating sims and anime art styles are for shut in perves!" like they do now, hell FF7 at the time had very simple dating sim elements tho it might have been more treated as just a fun thing.

Now if they decided to include it, and because of how successful and highly rated the game is, the element would have stayed for future installments possibly. Would you have been ok with this, considering society as it is now?

Also keep in mind that even tho they dropped the dating sim aspect, alot of zelda games afterwards still emphasize Link meeting cute girls

Never Forget: Hyrule Warriors OT: A Link between girls, the OT that everyone wanted but was never given.
Adding Social Links sounds like a good idea.
It does feel like OoT was going for that but I guess it was cut like the OP says.
A lot of important characters don't have too much to do outside of the main story, a few scenes where you get to know them (even the male characters like Darunia) could've been cool.
Like I said, persona 4 does it pretty well...just don't have them going back to Link's treehouse
I prefer the softcore harem game Zelda tends to be. Really do not want more explicit romance in Zelda, especially along dating sim lines. Idk. Zelda's main audience is the west so maybe they wouldn't do it in such an otaku fashion, but I really doubt it. Heck both ST and SS were clear steps towards making at least Zelda herself more 'anime,' so I tend to think a Zelda with dating sim would be along those lines. I prefer the quirky 'girls Link likes and doesn't like coming onto him and him awkwardly ignoring it,' which Zelda currently has going. The fact that 90% of Hyrule is hideous lunatics is also great and tbh I wouldn't mind if that got closer to 100% and there was less harem.
It wasn't dating sim elements, but Miyamoto wanted to include girls besides Zelda since Link is a boy that matures into a 16 year old. That's why there was Saria, Malon, Ruto, etc. Miyamoto previously commented that Navi had feelings for Link in the game.

Iwata Asks - Ocarina of Time 3D 2011

Iwata: More ideas sprang up than when you had just been basing the game around Adult Link.

Miyamoto: Yes. When we decided to handle Link growing up from a 9-year-old child to a more mature 16-year-old, I wanted lots of characters to fulfill various roles. For example, Kaepora Gaebora is a grandfather figure who gives Link all kinds of advice and looks out for him. And since Link is a boy, I wanted girls besides Princess Zelda to show up.

Iwata: And that's why Saria and Malon are there.

Miyamoto Right. Also, Link's archenemy is Ganon, so I thought they should meet once when he's a child.​

Famimaga 64 - Nov 1997

Q: Does Link have a girlfriend?

Miyamoto: If it was Princess Zelda, it would be great. However, this time Navie [the fairy] is jealous of Zelda. So within the story, Navie feels something for Link.​
skyward sword had that weird dating sim like thing going on with one of the npc, Peatrice.

in the quest if you tell her that you like her, she will reward you with five crystals,( you can also get reward if you break her heart ) also if you say yes that you like her, Fi says to not mention her name in front of zelda Lol

it was a fun interesting quest, but NO FUCK peatrice she was ugly