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Anne Archer the award-winning actress who has been mostly known for her role in Fatal Attraction in 1987. Anne Archer has married twice in her life first with William Davis and then Terry Jastrow. Anne and William stayed together for almost eight years after they got married but later due to a certain conflict they were separated. Then Anna after some years of getting apart chose Terry Jastrow as her life partner and till now they haven’t got separated and living happily with each other. Anne also has two children one from each marriage.

Anne Archer is a very beautiful and gorgeous actress who has been active in the entertainment industry since 1970. As Anne belongs to a family related to the film industry, both of her father and mother were American actors. Her father was John Archer and mother Marjorie Lord who in their era made many people fall in love with them.

Anne Archer 

Anne Archer and her husbands

Anne Archer with her magical acting made many people fall in love with her. Still, in her older age, she is more beautiful than any other actress in Hollywood. She married William Davis on 16 August 1969 but later got divorced on 21 November 1978. This couple has a son born on 18 August 1972 named Tommy Davis. Then after two years of divorce, Anne Archer married Terry Jastrow on 10 December 1978.

Anne Archer and Terry Jastrow 

Anne Archer and Terry Jastrow also have been blessed with a boy on 18 October 1984 which they named Jeffery Tucker Jastrow. Anne and Terry have been living happily since they have got married and it is for sure that nothing gonna come between then further.

According to People, Terry fell in love with Anne in an insane way. "She put me through more passion and pain than I had ever experienced" "It was a hot animal attraction. She was the first thing that I just had to have" said Terry. This couple met through a mutual friend in an acting class. Terry was so much attracted to Anne that he begged his friend to introduced to her. As Anne recalls the memory she first met Terry, "It was such a ridiculous thing to say, I thought he was an out-work, struggling actor, and I didn’t need that in my life."


Terry Jastrow is a producer and director of any events. It has been 30 years since he has been involved in doing this work and has done numerous worlds' greatest events. Talking more about Terry, he is also a Theatrical director, screenwriter, playwright and acting teacher.  In many of his  works,  he has been able to receive seven Emmy awards and nomination for seventeen times. He is not only involved in producing and directing he has also worked at ABC Sports for 24 years. Furthermore, he has got himself involve in many projects like The Super Bowl XIX: 68 of golf's Major Championships including the U.S Open, British open and PGA Championship: the Indy 500 and ABC's Wide World of Sports.