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This is the Expats in England Blogs listing page at Whilst we do try to include as many England expat blogs as possible, should you know of a blog that deserves a listing please add here.

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Vegemite Vix

I moved with my three kids, my dog, cat, a guitar and twenty boxes of books, from New Zealand to North Hampshire in the UK in August 2008.

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Mumbles from London

Started in 2012 to capture the exciting goings on in London in 2012, this blog is all about general observations, thoughts and interesting happenings in the great city of London, and in UK life in general.

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Young Rubbish

We're Jon and Jess. She's a photographer, he's an accountant and together we are a pair of American-born, London-living sweethearts that love to travel and explore.

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Oolong to Earl Grey

An Australian with a zest for adventure and a positive look on life. After four wonderful years in Shanghai, China my little family now finds itself in rural England looking forward to more exciting new adventures.

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American to Britain

Hi my name is Kim and I have lived in England since 2006 and boy has it been a journey! I hope my tips help you get around! I only suggest places that I have been to, so that you get my honest opinion!

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'Cross the Pond

We moved from New York City to London with two kids under the age of three two years ago. We have no idea what we're doing but we're having the adventures - good and bad. There's me, my husband Fen and our two children

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The Worktop

I moved to London from LA, and am exploring the city through cooking and baking. I treat my kitchen as my personal café, so you\'ll find a lot of simple fares posted on my site, reminiscent of food served at coffee shops and cafés!

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Gammon and Chips

The adventures of two kiddiewinks, by their Aussie expat mum. Covers topics including parenting, family-friendly travel, reviews, anti-bullying campaigning, kids TV, social media, family fun, and more.

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Eli in the U.K.

Eli In the U.K. is a compilation of articles and personal experiences as our family of four discovers life across the Atlantic. Come share our adventure! Making the move? Hopefully this will help.

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Mother Fickle

My name is Caroline. I'm an American woman living in the UK with my English husband and two American-English kids. I love almost every minute of it, unless you catch me on an off-moment. But those only happen every half hour or so.

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And Over Here

Karen is an American excpat living in London, England. In her words "During World War II it was said of American troops stationed in England that they were overpaid, oversexed, and over here. Just like me."

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3 Bedroom Bungalow

Mom of two. Currently living in England. Military Wife. Lover of all God's furry creatures. Contempt for a good number of people. Sometimes my life is like a car crash happening in slow motion.

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Gifts Of The Journey

I am Elizabeth Harper, a woman who for years lived along the edges of her dreams. Along the way, I fell in love with an Englishman and my American life suddenly shifted to the Cornish coast of England.

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Romanian Mum Diary

Here at "Romanian Mum In London" - my daughter and I love to try new products and go to new places, as part of my blog I'll write up reviews of things we as a family enjoy!

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Joe the Explorer

Looking for adventure and awesomeness, Joe the Explorer is about exploring Europe and the UK with a bit of "gear and gadget" advice and London history thrown into the mix.

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The Compass Rose

Blog about my life as an expat, a Third Culture Kid (TCK), and world traveler. I grew up in Europe on military bases until I was seventeen and now I am married to an American living in England with our family. Documenting our life abroad.

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I'm a wife, mother, daughter, friend, expat. I love a chat. I chat about being a wife, mother, daughter, friend and expat. Please pop by and havachat sometime

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Buisson International

Hi, I'm Debbie! I have relocated from Houston to New Orleans to Scotland and now London. I have no kids and no pets, but a husband who is as much as both. I hope you enjoy my ramblings of our expat adventure in the United Kingdom!

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Arrows Sent Forth

A stay-at-home mom from Indiana now living as an expat in England blogs about travels with her two young sons. She shares travel tips, family vacation memories and more.

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Urban Pixxels

Urban Pixxels is a lifestyle and photography blog from a Dutch expat living in London. Follow me on my quest to become a true Londoner.

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Urban Mums London

Urban Mums is a lifestyle blog for London families and expats. It is written by Lindsey Phillips, an American who has lived in London since 2005. Lindsey has 3 children and shares tips, advice and favorites in the city.

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Not from here!

This is a blog with a lot of sharing random thoughts, doubts, experiences from my UK visits and life there and any funny thing I find valuable to write about :)

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Tarts in London

Born & raised in Texas, we found ourselves overseas in Turkey as first-time expats. Since then, life has brought us to the United Kingdom, back in English speaking land. Our blog is about our new homes and travels around the globe.

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Wayfarer in the UK

Hey, my name is Martin. I'm 37 years old Polish guy. Trying to find my way in this not always friendly (but it is friendly sometimes!) world. I've lived in UK before - few years in Birmingham, couple in Bristol. I didn't think I was going to come again, but here I am. I like this country, I feel here like home (most of the time at least), and there is so much vegetarian food everywhere, I appreciate it. I'm starting from a scratch - searching for friends, for a job, for sense, for inspiration. Let's see how it goes. Sometimes you will find darker moods here, that's me as well. I try to change melancholy into something creative. Sometimes I'm succeeding, other times I'm just whining. You are completely justified to skip those posts.

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London centric lifestyle blog with lots of photography from American freelance writer and photographer, Chris Osburn

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Girl Meets Globe

Adventures of a girl and her family living life as expats in England and traveling Europe. I love Jesus, my family, traveling and blogging about those very things.

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The Pursuit of Holliness

Bringing adventure and appreciation to every day - I'm an American living in England with my British husband and our lovely cat. Join me as I bring adventure, richness, and appreciation to my life in and around the London.

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Second Floor Flat

Second Floor Flat follows an American expat and magazine writer who lives in London. Featuring travel, fashion, design, photography, and more.

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Earth To Jade

Hello! I'm Jade, a London based expat originally from the sunny shores of Sydney, Australia. I write about my experiences of expat life in London, my travel adventures around the world and my love of photography.

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Tales about food and travel, love of 3 cities,many pictures....handpicked from a huge stash of memories,''sliced off'' in smaller bits and set free into the ether (by manjirichitnis)

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How to become an Expat in 365 Days? The blog is based on real-life experiences of two females, who are both living in London. Kitty In the City is the go-to for burning topics such as What to do when getting Lost in Translation.


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London By S

I started this blog last year, but I must admit, I kind of gave up on it for a few months. I am fully back on it now, and I aim to share with you my experiences in London mostly, but not only when I get the occasion to get out of town.

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A Rose By Any Other Name

A Pacific Northwest girl's adventures into the blog world documenting my time across the pond! Grab a hot cup of tea and have a little read of things I've learned, bizarre stories and pieces of advice I've brewed in my head. Enjoy!

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