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Sélect Partner finds you the perfect match !

« Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice.
It is not a thing to be waited for,
it is a thing to be achieved »
William Jennings Bryan

Find a true soul mate who will be at the height of your expectations; someone who has values you cherish and the right personality cannot be improvised ! Couples that last are those who are made up of two people who are quite alike and share common values.

Sélect Partner is an upscale dating matchmaking agency for well educated and successful selective singles based in Geneva. We function in the same way asheadhunters, but for the heart helping our busy Swiss and International clients to find the perfect match in Geneva, Monaco, Bruxelles and throughout Switzerland or Europe. We work with our prestigious "Clientèle" on an exclusive and personnal basis providing them with highly-tailored introduction and dating services keeping confidentiality and discretion to the utmost.

« Love is the poetry of the senses » Honoré de Balsac

Our selection process is rigorous and insures very high-quality datings based on what you share in common : your affinities, deep life aspirations and psychological profiles. Our agency is designed for prestigious Swiss and International clients who we understand can be demanding. They are “free” matrimonially speaking, serious and motivated. Composed of mostly directors, upper-level managers, business owners and the independently wealthy, our prestigious clients are rigorously selected in order to create loving and long-lasting relationships.

« Nemo est qui non amet »  dixit Saint Augustin
(nobody can live without love)

We are here to listen to your wishes and needs along the way to helping you meet the right person, your perfect match: pre-selection research, recruitment and evaluation of potential love partners. After authenticating your matrimonial and professional status, we make a very detailed analysis of your expectations and your motivation in order to insure that we provide you with high quality services that match with Sélect Partners’ mission. We pre-select partners that are truly compatible with you, organize (upon the agreement of the two parties) and manage the meetings in Geneva and Switzerland, should you need assistance with this, and do thorough follow-ups.

Finding your other half, your anchor in life, your soul mate is above all

a question of being in the right mindset. This requires you to apply

and invest yourself in finding this right person !

Your happiness depends on YOU !  Give meaning to your love life and let us assist you in taking on this important project. We will accompany you in materializing this bespoke search for the right soul mate with whom you can fall in love and spend your life and that corresponds to your aspirations, personality, lifestyle and dreams.

We look forward to meeting you at our office in Geneva and to answering all of your questions you may have, by appointment only. Your one hour first meeting will be free of charge with no obligation thereafter.

You wish a wonderful soul mate by your side in Geneva, Monaco, Bruxelles or throughout Switzerland or Europe ?

Contact us now and let us know what you are looking for at  022 700 55 55