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CU PolicyPro Update - March 2018 (2018.1)

We are pleased to announce the March 2018 content updates for the CU PolicyPro Manual - Update Version 2018.1.

This update includes eleven policy updates and one new procedure (Policy 2401 - Collection of Checks Procedure - this content was previously found in Policy 2400).  A full listing of the updated policies can be found in the "Update Overview" document below. 

The tracked changes version of each update can be found in the Resources Area of CU PolicyPro (under the “Updates” tab). It is important to note that when updates are made to the Model Policies Manual, these updates do not automatically go into your CU Policies Manual. We do not want to take the chance of overwriting your content, or putting in content that may not apply to your credit union.  There is more information below on the next steps necessary to incorporate the updates into your own policies.

Next Steps for your Credit Union

Using the “Overview” document below, and the “Tracked Changes” information found in the Resources Area of CU PolicyPro (under the “Updates” tab), review the changes for each policy, and for each policy decide if you want to:

  1. Do nothing and leave your policy as is (usually only if the update does not apply to your credit union, or you are not currently using the policy)
  2. Remove the policy from your CU Policies Manual and bring in the updated policy in its entirety (usually if your CU Policies Manual version has little or no customization, or if our updates were very extensive and it would be easier to start with the updated content and re-customize for your credit union)
  3. Use the redlined version as a guide and manually incorporate the updates into your CU Policies Manual version (usually if the updates were very minor, or if your CU Policies Manual version is heavily customized and it would be less work to manually add the updates rather than re-customize the policy)


The following documentation is available online to help you understand the updates and incorporate them into your CU Policies Manual:

  1. Update Overview - this lists all of the updated and new policies and provides a brief overview of what was updated and why it was updated.
  2. Video Webinar - Updating Your Working Manual - this recorded webinar walks you through the update process, including manually inserting the updated content into your policies.  Please note this webinar was recorded using the content from a previous update; however, the methodology will be the same for any update.
  3. Alphabetical Policy Listing - this is an updated version of the alphabetical policy listing, which is helpful for finding particular policies.

As with all the policies, you may need to modify these updates to meet your specific needs and ensure they comply with state law regulations.

 If you have any questions, please contact the CU PolicyPro support team at





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