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  • Romance

    Cute and Romantic Love Letter Examples for Your Girlfriend

    by am@n2 years ago

    You don't know how to express your love for that wonderful girl? Here are some ideas.

  • Addiction & Relationships

    How does a drug addict think, feel, and behave while actively addicted?

    by Rebecca3 years ago

    Drug addiction not only affects the addict; mentally and physically, but all family members, friends, children, and communities. Here is a snapshot of what behavior you may see from an addict...

  • Relationship Problems & Advice

    Can a relationship work without you being in love?

    by Cindy Lawson4 years ago

    Can a relationship work without you both being in love with each other? I believe in certain circumstances it can work very well, and both partners can still live happy and fulfilling lives. Before you assume that a...

  • Greetings

    Happy 50th Year Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Quotes: What to Write in a Greeting Card

    by Oyewole Folarin14 months ago

    Examples of happy 50th year wedding anniversary wishes, phrases and quotes for parents, grandparents, mom, dad, spouse, friends, aunt, uncle, and your loved ones.

  • Greetings

    Wording for Thank you Cards for Housewarming Gift and Party

    by Oyewole Folarin18 months ago

    Finding the best housewarming thank you sayings and messages to write or say is a great skill. Check some examples of wording to write in a card or say in a thank you note below.

  • Advice & Tips for Women in Relationships

    How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship When You Have PMDD

    by Violet Redfield8 days ago

    It's hard enough to deal with your own emotions when you have PMDD, but adding your significant other to the mix can make it even more difficult. Here are some lessons I've learned and am still learning!

  • Advice & Tips for Women in Relationships

    Dating or marrying a divorced man with kids

    by La st7 years ago

    As a little girl... and even as a teenager... I dreamed that I would meet the man of my dreams. At some point in my mid-20s, I'd marry him, buy a cute little home, and have a couple of his kids. We would be great...

  • Relationship Problems & Advice

    14 Reasons Why an Ex Contacts You After A Break Up

    by Alianess Benny Njuguna12 months ago

    Why do an ex (esp. dumper) contact after a period of no contact? What does he/she want? What does it mean? Why contact you when she dumped you and you are moving on with your life? What does it imply?

  • Dating & Online Dating

    121 Questions to Ask a Guy to Get to Know Him

    by Tatiana2 years ago

    Get ready to quiz your new beau! Here are 121 fun, interesting, and in some cases, important questions to ask a guy to get to know him.

  • Non-Monogamous Relationships

    Why Do Some Women Spend Most of Their Lives Dating Married Men?

    by Levertis Steele4 years ago

    Many mistresses spend most of their lives dating married men because they become addicted to their bad choices. They fall in deeply and cannot see above the quicksand until one of them gathers enough light and courage...